2020 Short Story Contest

The results are in!   

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all  who entered.

Here are the entrants and links to each story.   Enjoy reading them!

There  were separate contests by ages:

Ages 6-8

1st “Garden Surprise” Logan Chown, 8
2nd “Baking Mistake” Logan Chown, 8
3rd “Myles and the Magic Pen” Myles Lambert, 5½

Ages 9-11

1st “Eggs” Tanis Cortens, 10
2nd “Alls-well-that-ends-well” Kaidyn Robertson, 11

Ages 12-14

1st “Advice I learned from a Bakery” Juley-Anne Brown, 12
2nd “The Magic Garden” Emily Webb, 14

Ages 15-18

1st “A Pandemic Project.” Kate LeRoy, 16

Adults (19 and over)

1st “Making Bread with My Grandmother” Leslie Ann Bent
2nd “One extra chocolate chip” Deborah Lambert
3rd “Endgame” Astrid Koenig

Others in no particular order:

Dog Oral Hygiene” Charleyne Oulton
Popcorn Chicks” Astrid Koenig
Gingersnaps” Astrid Koenig
The Pizza de Résistance” Katie Chater
The Catch of the Day” Astrid Koenig
The One That Got Away” Astrid Koenig
Alice’s Miniature Garden” Corrina Bada
The Carrot Harvest” Astrid Koenig
The Magic” Astrid Koenig
The Perfect Shot” Astrid Koenig