Upcoming Events Calendar

 Next meeting of the Fall Fair committee meeting is on,

Tuesday August 20th, 2019 @ 7pm 

at the Sooke Community Hall, downstairs, on Shields Rd.

Like to help out?  If you are interested in volunteering for the Fair please attend!

There are a lot of things to be done before the event, so if you can lend a hand it will be much appreciated.

Everyone welcome!!  

For information. contact Ellen Lewers (250) 812-2830‬

Past Events

Wednesday, March 20th, 2019 – AGM – Everyone Welcome!
The Annual General Meeting for the Sooke Fall Fair will be held at the Community Hall on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 starting at 7 pm. Bring a small easy snack to share please. Like munchies or health food or easy desserts. Not like dinner or a fancy party. There will be a draw for **prizes** as well.
Please arrive early to renew membership if you have not already done so and bring 5 bucks (3 for membership and 2 for SCA membership if we vote to provide accident benefits insurance instead of community association membership and you want that.) Someone will be there at 6:30 pm (preferably me) to do membership renewals.  Extra prize entries for you and a friend if you bring one who might be interested in joining the association!
The Special Resolution to consider at the AGM is:  Motion to adopt the new Constitution, Bylaws, and SFF Policies and Procedures. This resolution can be amended but it cannot be tabled to a future date. Please read the materials provided to you previously and be prepared to vote on the resolution.
  • The new constitution has one clause – the same clause from the old constitution setting out the purpose of the Society.  All other clauses must be removed per the new Societies Act but they can be found in the new Bylaws and/or Policies and Procedures (P&P) document. Therefore this is simply a housekeeping text amendment to meet the new requirements.
  • The proposed bylaws and P&P were distributed with the agenda for the February meeting. These involve moving most of the detailed event planning functions from the Board of Directors meetings to the less formal level of smaller committees and individual positions and reducing the number of board members so we can continue to function effectively with fewer people meeting all at once for shorter durations less frequently throughout the year.
The Board is seeking nominations and expressions of interest from members for the remainder of 2019.  If you are interested or want details on a specific position or want to anonymously suggest someone who would be fantastic in a role (he he) for us to contact and enquire, please do not hesitate to send me an email or reply just to me from this email.  Keep in mind that we have some flexibility in the sharing of responsibilities and that committing for a part of a position or some months is a huge help to us even if a full commitment cannot be readily made.  We do have several nominations of our own to make as well.  Your suggestions will help us to have a full board and senior level positions filled as we have some interested people who could fill a different position if someone else is interested in one they already agreed to do.
Board of Directors – under the new system, all meetings except one in January and one in November should be maximum one hour in duration, at times less and more decisions can be conducted via email under the new system as well.
Board Positions:
Past President (must have been president before at some point)
Volunteer & Membership Coordinator
Community Events Coordinator – (eg. Seedy Saturday, canada day, august market etc – a person to coordinate our participation)
In addition to the Board Positions, we will be appointing the following Senior Manager Positions, which meet as required at the discretion of the appointed Managers with option to make decisions via email rather than in person if desired.
Manager Positions:
Car Show Manager
Fall Fair Manager
Christmas Craft Fair Manager
Please note that the Board has a detailed list of Event volunteer positions and suggested sub-committees to help out with each event that lays out all the steps and tasks required to plan and operate them and in addition we have a Volunteer & Membership Coordinator to assist in filling any vacancies with previous volunteers in those roles as well as to recruit new volunteers from outside our membership.  The Board and many many volunteers are able to fully support your efforts! We just need a project manager of sorts to handle the logistical and oversight coordination of the various activities of the different sub-committees and people working on specific tasks for each major event to keep everything on track.
Don’t be shy. Volunteer yourself in whatever way you can and if you can’t, please volunteer another member (Email me and I will contact them – I won’t tell them who did it!). We DO understand if you cannot commit to taking on a position or taking on more tasks but we ABSOLUTELY need members to vote for the people who ARE able to commit so please, do make every effort to attend the AGM and show support for new position takers.  We need you for that, at least. No actual arm twisting will be conducted, I promise!
The only other business at the AGM will be insurance.  Then we will adjourn the meeting, have a five minute break, and then carry on with a Fall Fair planning meeting if there are items to decide on, which I bet there will be by then and everyone is welcome to participate in that as well, of course.
Thanks very much.  A reminder email with agenda will be sent closer to the day. Had to fulfill notice requirements for the special resolution.