Downloads: Catalogue, Errata, Entry Forms, Colouring Page and Awards

The 2023 Fall Fair  catalogue has been distributed to many businesses around Sooke.  You can download a copy of it here (it is 48 pages).  If you’d like more copies of the entry form you can download just that.    The  program of events is also available  separately.

Unfortunately there are some errors in the catalogue; please see the errata below (or download it).

Not included in the catalogue are the list of Awards and the Colouring Contest sheet.

Colouring Contest
To enter the Colouring Contest,  download it, colour it, mount it on poster board or cardboard,  and enter one of the following classes in the entry form (there is no charge for these classes):

  • 52-P-1 for preschool
  • 52-A-1 for ages 6 to 8
  • 52-B-1 for ages 9 to 11
  • 52-C-1 for ages 12 to 14


Last updated Tuesday 1st August  Read here or download it

Section 01 – Produce (page 9)

  • New class 01-I-8 Showmanship Display,  Collection of Fruits and Vegetables exhibited in container; number and decorative material of exhibitor’s choice. MUST BE ORGANICALLY GROWN.
  • New class 01-I-9 Sooke Community Garden Display: This class is open to any person or group of people who grew their crops at any of Sooke’s Community Gardens. The display must contain a mixture of vegetables and/or fruit. Entrants may include pictures or any other relevant display items. When entering as a group, please create a group name and enter on a separate entry form.
  • New class 01-I-10 Collection of 6 Distinct Vegetables, must include potatoes. Varieties must be named. Quantities of each kind to be same as asked in regular classes (e.g. Peas 6 pods).

Section 06 – Photography (page 19)
Sections B and C, Enlargement:
The image size must be between 5”x7” minimum and 11”x14” maximum, and mounted as per rule #4.

Section 08 – Literary Art (page 20)
Entries must be mounted by the exhibitor. The last paragraph should read:

Entries which have been mailed or emailed to speed up judging process will NOT be mounted by the section head. Please follow above rules for mounting your own entries and submit on your own.

Section 20 – Preschool (page 32)
20-A-33 “Handmade Paper”, remove “using this year’s theme”.

Section 24 – Junior Flower Arranging (page 37)
The contact information should be Kelly Keys 250-642-2079.

Section 29 – Junior Hobbies (page 42)

  • The contact email is incorrect, it should be (the “h” was missing)
  • 29-x-8 “Handmade Paper”, remove “using this year’s theme”.

Section 31 – Animals, Junior (page 43)
It should state this is for ages 2 to 14.

Section 35 – Teen Youth (page 44)
35-A-33 “Handmade Paper”, remove “using this year’s theme”.