2024 Fall Fair

The fair is Saturday & Sunday,  7th and 8th September, and the theme is:

Water Is Life

The catalogue has been printed and will soon be available at various locations around Sooke,  or you can download it here.
You can also download:


Unfortunately the printed copy has the bottom few lines missing from the first few pages (including, ironically, the notice to check the website for any errors or late changes!).  The only critical errors (known so far) are on page 7,  the last 2 entries for 01-D are
9   Kale,  any Variety,  2 heads
10  AOV brassica, named

Online entry!

This year you will be able to enter online.   This will be available nearer the time.   (Check back later in July for details.)

All you will need is an email address (and access to a browser on a computer!).