Year round, and during the fair itelf

Of course we need a lot of people just before and during the  Fair (see below for examples of what’s needed).  However, there is a lot of work required months before.

So, we’re looking for volunteers, and meet every third Wednesday (except December) at 7:00pm downstairs in the Sooke Community Hall (2037 Shields Road). We’d love to have you join us!

If you are interested in helping please email: volunteer@sookefallfair.ca.

Download the Membership/Volunteer Form


During (and just before) the Fair itself

Are you interested in volunteering for the Fall Fair? But perhaps you aren’t sure what sorts of things there are to do?

Here are the major areas where we need help around the fair itself. If you can sign up for any of these shifts, please email volunteer@sookefallfair.ca.

Setup – Thursday 5th 3pm to 9pm.
Help setting up the hall.   Chairs have to be moved away,  tables set up,  lattices set up on walls,  constructing the lattices to hold the photographs, … all sorts of things.   You don’t need to be there for all 6 hours — all help is most welcome!

Setup and Decorating – Friday 6th 3pm to 9pm.
Continuing Thursday’s setup and decorating the hall.    Again, if you can be there for a couple of hours that’s great.

Helping taking admissions – Thursday and Friday, 2pm to 8pm
On both days there are 2-hour shifts 2-4,  4-6, 6-8.   Take any new entry forms and record them into the system, take entry fees, hand out pre-printed tags for entries,  print tags for new entries.

Assisting judges – Saturday 8am to 11am
Walking with judges, recording on paper the winning 3 entries for each class, placing ribbons next to entries.

Admissions – Saturday 11-5, Sunday 9-5
Help is required at each of our 3 entrances as visitors arrive.
Admission is by donation.  Saturday 11-6 and Sunday 9-5.
One or two hour shifts would be appreciated.

Lego security guards – Saturday 11-5,  Sunday 9-5
Assisting safeguarding the LEGO Section and area.  We suggest 2-hours shifts but this is negotiable!

Takedown – Sunday 5pm to 7pm
As many people as possible speeds this up!


Reminder for Grade 11 and 12 students

This is a fun easy way to earn your 30 hours of volunteer time required for graduation. Email volunteer@sookefallfair.ca if you’re interested.


If any of the above volunteer opportunities appeal to you and if you have skills you would like to share, please email to volunteer@sookefallfair.ca for more detailed information.     Or — better still — come out to one of our meetings!