Sooke Fall Fair Philosophy

The Sooke Fall Fair is a community fair that gives people an opportunity to congregate in the spirit of the “Rural Fair” philosophy.┬áThe philosophy embodies:

  • Pride in local natural resources
  • Pride and focus on individual and family endeavors
  • The integration of young and elderly, able and disabled, participator and spectator.
  • The spirit of volunteerism in which our community has long prided itself.
  • The Sooke Fall Fair, in this traditional annual event is a reflection of Sooke’s strong community spirit.

Sooke Fall Fair History

Sooke Fall Fair was first held in 1913.

The Fair is held yearly usually on the second weekend of September.

Our old traditions were hunting, fishing and gathering and providing ourselves with the basics of clothing and housing.

Eventually, through time and changing technology, we enhanced our clothing and homes and preserved food to last through the winters.

We carved and whittled wood to make beautiful and useful items; discovering natural dyes, paints and stains to decorate and protect our creations.

We found opportunities to write our once oral histories with availability of paper, charcoal, pencil and ink.

We grew flowers as well as vegetables and our families would brag about whose was bigger and better. Farmers vied for the best bull or cow to earn their bragging rights.

The Fairs became the place for us to bring our best crops and creations and a healthy competition ensued. Fairs go back hundreds of years and serve as our roots both physically and traditionally.

Families who immigrated to this area brought with them seeds, roots, cattle, sheep, goats, chickens, geese and more, as well as their knowledge to impart to others. Indigenous peoples shared their talents and expertise of fishing, hunting, traditional medicines, knowledge of the oceans and rivers, gathering of fruits and drying of fish with the new visitors.

Knowledge was shared by both and enhanced. We continue to this day, one hundred and six years later, with our shared knowledge and healthy competition at our Fair.

We hope many will be encouraged to embrace our traditions and show the true value of their skills and engage and enter their talents at the fair.

We all have deep roots which keep us strong; like a robust tree we branch out and explore our talents.

Every one of us, from children to seniors, has a talent and we want you to express that talent at our fair.

From growing roses and marigolds, to raising sheep and cattle, to keeping bees, to chickens and eggs, knitting, baking, preserving, sewing, painting, carving, writing, growing vegetables, taking pictures and more…

We welcome the competition!

Ellen Lewers
Sooke Fall Fair President 2019

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